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A talented party/function covers band, complete with horn section, fronted by stunning female vocalists, who sing & perform with lots of energy, passion and fun...


About Us...

Soul Devotion are so much more than a bunch of musicians performing the usual set of classic cover songs heard in social clubs and at weddings, up and down the country.

In fact, we are ultimately a group of friends, with a shared passion for performing songs that WE LOVE and would like to see performed, if we were in the audience.

Many members of Soul Devotion have known and played together for over fifteen years and so have grown together, sharing good times and bad, developing a unique friendship.

Fans often say that this bond and love of performing is often visible throughout our shows, recalling moments where an unspoken “in joke” on stage, instigates fits of laughter amongst the band, all done seamlessly and without interrupting the song being performed.

We often say towards the end of a show… “thank you for inviting us to your party” and we genuinely mean this, as we treat every performance as if we are at one with the audience.

If we are enjoying ourselves, then surely those on the dance floor are – right?

To checkout this theory, it’s not unusual to see our vocalists mingling and dancing in amongst the crowd, even teaching them some of the dance routines being performed on stage.

If you are fortunate to be in the audience for one of our shows, then you are guaranteed a good time



It's nice to put a name to a face.

Lisa  Knapper

Donna Redgate

Jen Widgery

Mike Davies

Jonathan Dakin

Andy Turner

Ryan Roberts

Dave Springer

Jo Goodwin



The majority of our gigs are weddings and private functions, we do however do the occasional public gig and tickets can be purchased below.

Friday 4th October 2019 7.30pm

Public Gig

Baddeley Green WMC

Tickets details to be published soon

Saturday 5th October 2019

Public Gig

Granvilles Brasserie & Music Bar

Granville Square Stone, Staffordshire ST15 8AB

Contact: 01785 816658

Saturday 2nd November 2019

Private Function

Wychwood Park, Cheshire

Saturday 21st December 2019

Private Function

Tamworth, Staffordshire


Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book Soul Devotion?

Please fill in the contact form below. For an accurate quote please provide as much detail as possible, including the postcode of the venue and the date of the event. Please also include your contact details, so that we can discuss your requirements fully.

How long does the band play for?

Soul Devotion usually play two 45 minute sets, but we have been known to keep playing until the venue pull the plug.

Can you provide a disco?

Yes – we are able to supply a DJ, alternatively, our sound engineer has the facility to play a varied selection of popular music, between sets.

How much does the band charge?

The cost of hiring Soul Devotion varies due to a number of factors including: duration of performance, inclusion of DJ service, travel costs, and any special requirements. We will email you a price list/quote once you have completed the booking form.

Does the band supply sound and lighting equipment?

Yes we have an excellent PA system, which is adaptable to suit both small and larger venues and always bring lights to illuminate the stage during our performance.

Does the band have insurance?

Yes we have public liability insurance totalling £9,000,000 for ourselves and our equipment.

Does the band have PAT test certificates?

Yes, all of our equipment, including lights, is PAT tested. The relevant PAT tested certificates can be sent to your venue if they request them.

How long does the band need to setup and soundcheck?

In general you should allow 90 minutes for us to set up and soundcheck, ideally at a time when guests are not in the room.

Are there any hidden costs?

Not at all, your quote will cover all of our fees. We do however request that there is somewhere for the band to relax and get changed before the performance and that food is provided. All of our requirements are outlined in the contract we issue.