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Welcome to our Soul Family

Soul Devotion started to entertain audiences in 2004 but many of the band members had already been making music long before that. Formally known as Commitments Too, the band started to make sweet soul music in the late 90's when tribute bands were all the rage.

Tributing such an iconic film like The Commitments needed an individual who was not only a vocal powerhouse but with a charisma to boot and we got that in the form of Mr Steve (Nikko) Nixon.

Nikko would put so much energy into his act that it is was a tough job to do consistently so after a number of years performing Steve decided to retire which left the remaining band members with a dilemma. Carry on as Commitments Too or do something different?

And this was the point Soul Devotion was born. Whilst we did continue to perform as Commitments Too with another male vocalist, the C2 backing singers as well as Lisa, who had been deputising on vocals for C2, stepped up to become the lead vocalists of Soul Devotion.

Soul Devotion stuck quite closely to soul genre in the early days but as time went on, they branched out to include all styles of music, making them into their own style with a touch of Soul Devotion magic. These days audiences can look forward to all genres with perfected harmonies, blistering rhythm and horn sections as Soul Devotion bring alive soul classics, pop hits and everything in between.

For almost 24 years band members have come and gone and some have even returned and joined the band for a second time but we have always remained a soul family. We do pretty much all of the things a typical family would do like support each other through births, marriages, divorces illnesses and deaths. But the difference between a typical family and us is that we also make sweet music together!

Please get in touch if you want Soul Devotion to come and join in and make your family celebration a good one - you won't be disappointed!

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